BS EN 15058-2 CL1

R E Cooke’s certification to BS EN 15085-2 Class CL 1 enables the company to carry out welding work on the new build, conversion and repair of rail vehicles and their components

Examples of components that come under the accreditation are: -

  • bogies (headstock, solebars, cross bearers, bogie frames);
  • underframes (extensions, solebars, cross bearers, assembly);
  • vehicle body (front walls, side walls, roof);
  • draw and buffing gear;
  • supporting frames for external equipment parts (e.g. tanks, electrical, air-conditions
    and compressed air containers)
  • wheelset mountings, axleboxes, spring supports, shock absorbers, vibration dampers;
  • brake equipment (magnetic track brake, brake rods, brake triangles, brake cylinders,
    brake cross beams);
  • supporting frames for heavy duty vehicles including road/rail vehicles;
  • welded components for drag transmission from bogie to vehicle (bolster);
  • fuel tanks of vehicles;
  • finishing welding of castings within components indicated above;
  • pressure gas tanks, tanks and tanks containers of rail vehicles with test pressure a;
  • containers for dangerous materials

At R E Cooke we provide complete compliance, from the enquiry stage through to delivery of parts.

Full adherance to the standard is achieved with total traceability throughout our processes.

 If you would like to find out more about our capability, or obtain a quotation please contact us